Winter offers sessions online or in person to support your journey of sexual empowerment, to transform shame and experience your fullest capacity for LIVING.

She can work with you in any area of your life where you feel stuck or are unable to move forward. Winter has extensive experience working with archetypal energies of the light/dark masculine and feminine and can support you to find fuller expression of who you are, bringing forth parts of your being that are longing to emerge.

She can also provide ritual tools and practices to utilise in your own life alongside mentoring and coaching support.

Sessions by Winter:  I am a trained counsellor and have extensive experience working with all aspects of intimacy and sexuality.  I can support you working towards your empowerment goals and have worked with the following;

Activating expressions of wild/dark masculine and feminine

Working with archetypal energies and suppressed expressions of self and sexuality

The Dark Erotic- uncovering elements of you that are hidden and supporting healthy integration of shadow energies.

Unleashing from self suppression/ oppression and reinstating your aliveness and inherent freedom

Fear/ anxiety of intimacy/ sexuality

Disempowerment/ low self esteem/ lack of aliveness/ lack of purpose

I work with those who want to grow, heal and transform.  I see every issue related to intimacy and sexuality. 

"Winter thank you so much for helping me clear my fear of intimacy with men and for guiding me to open my body to deeper pleasure. I feel more in life which is such a gift after spending years stuck in numbness. " Julia 33

“With Winter’s help I was able to embody wilder expressions of my sexuality and integrate them in ways that support my life. I feel more alive and empowered.” Mandy 26