Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m still pulsing. Still throbbing, waiting to return to my lover with my new lens, my new enchantment, ready to be witnessed, to be explored anew.
— Miriam, Australia

”Winter Jade Icely what a night. The way you weave love, Eros, play and depth sends shivers through my spine and soul. Thankyou all for such wild deep beauty. My body is singing this morning”
— Arion, Australia

Isn’t it funny how the parts of ourselves that most frighten us are, ultimately, the most empowering? This work is not the pretty, quaint, rose-quartz gathering; rather a wild, unapologetic, black obsidian powerhouse that will give you the opportunity to reclaim the power we’re so often told to hide.
— Naomi, Australia

The workshops offer an invitation, opening the door of potential to consciously experience ourselves in diverse sexual spirit. These practices are infused with what is ancient and timeless. To return to places of meaning, intuition, ritual and intention. The celebration of diverse expression. An aliveness that is enchanting and sexy as fuck! (Magic fucken happens!)
— Bethany, Australia

This work is a sumptuous adventure exploring the relationships between the primal erotic energy and intention, magic and embodiment.
— Seth - Australia
The Dark Erotic was one of the most unique and transformative experiences of my life. To completely own and deeply embody all parts of my truest self in a space that commands innocence, wild nature, soul freedom, heart connection, self responsibility, integrity, a sense of service to the earth and all other beings colliding together for deep healing and transformation.
— Tamica-Anne Reynolds