Sanctify - journey into the base mysteries

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The base is the first energy centre, our root to the earth and a gateway to the planetary and cosmic energies that emanate from the centre of the earth. The asshole has a direct connection to the black hole or galactic centre and can be a path of profound void activation and awakening. 

Spiritual traditions have primarily emphasised the crown and the path of ascension. For there to be a full realisation of our embodied divinity we must also go down to the base and uncover the mysteries within this earth centre. 

Behind the subject/ object duality of consciousness lies access to the singularity of the void and non duality. Likewise beneath the dual serpents of sexuality lies the singularity of the void accessed through the anus. As above, so below. 

The base holds deep mysteries when approached with full awareness, presence and sensitivity. It is a portal into the divine union of power and vulnerability. The natural taboos of this forbidden area of the human body guard a deep purity awaiting those willing to surrender into the unknown. 

In a world that is busy accumulating information and experience the asshole is the official teacher of letting go, stripping away and restoring us to our original innocence.

Located in the root chakra, the base centre holds our sense of security, survival and safety. From an embodied perspective, working to relax and soften this energy centre is connected to a deeper surrender to life and being held by a power greater than ourselves. 

Working with this gateway offers the potential to clear and transform shame and humiliation, harmonising the nervous system, freeing up life force. 

Sanctify is also an experience for those who wish to explore the pleasurable aspects of anal stimulation both energetically or physically. It provides a safe container to heal both trauma related to this centre and the pervasive homophobia that inhibits the exploration of the anus.

The ass is the final frontier for all those seeking to anchor the love that they are into full embodiment. 

The six days will involve;
- meditations and group sharing
- emotional and shame release
- evening temples and rituals
- esoteric teachings around the base
- anal embodied practices

The workshop will involve partnered work as well as individual experiences. 

We encourage everyone to participate at the level of depth that their sovereignty chooses. The asshole does not lie and will not be pressured. 

This journey is for all people, all genders, all levels of experience. 



Winter Jade Icely is a witch, mystic and wild embodier. She is an experienced teacher and facilitator with expertise in the realm of the magickal arts, sexuality and movement. Her current work is through the movement 'Sex Witch' merging her passion of mysticism and erotic embodiment. Winter has journeyed with and brought to life the feminine mysteries and goddess wisdom over the past five years. She is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor having worked with men, women and children who have experienced trauma and abuse.Winter is a published writer and one half of the dance duo Roar Temptress. She values shame free wildness and unapologetic pleasure.


Bruce Lyon Bruce has been teaching in the area of esoteric wisdom, the tantric arts, cosmology and universal spirituality for over twenty years. He is on the wisdom council of ISTA, founder of Shamballa School and Highden Temple, a New Zealand mystery school. He is also a published author or six books.




21st to 25th May 2019

Workshop cost:
The cost includes accommodation and meals
The cost of sleeping in the tent is NIS 3800 per participant
For the participant in a shared room with shower and toilet in room NIS 4400 (currency- Israeli New Shekel)

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