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My Hungry Vagina

I am fascinated with the archetype of the temptress, she has been alive in my psyche from a young age. I have been shining a light on her dark aspects that exist within me recently and noticing how I can activate her seductress powers to attract and enact my desires, sometimes consciously and often unconsciously. She often shows up as ‘my hungry vagina’, eager to devour. She is the sweet purring and soft scented perfume of my longing, she is the lubricated pinkness that conceals the dark calling of my womb and my insatiable appetite to be fucked. When my temptress is in the light, she is a gift to those around her, she is playful and exudes charm and sexual magnetism, when she lurks in the shadow of my unconscious, she can become a sexual predator, fuelled by a hunger that is felt but unseen.


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