Cheque please....

We have officially entered a time of tremendous change as the earth’s Kundalini shifts from the Himalayas to the Andes, a move away from asceticism and monotheism to unity-consciousness and symbioism.   We are also transitioning from the age of Pisces to Aquarius which signals a new paradigm of collective consciousness.    

I for one cannot wait.   

Bring on evolution   

As we collectively make passage from the astrological Age of Pisces, symbolised by two fish, we are leaving behind thought systems based on duality.  The yin/yang, good/bad, God/human paradigms are being replaced with Aquarian influences of unity and oneness.  The slow demise of duality makes way for a new age of love, community and cooperation. 

The social structures of the age of Pisces have created walls of separation and division as the formation of personal identity emerged from dualism.  We have been programmed to separate our existence into ‘his & hers’,  ‘us & ‘them’ and most significantly, 'right & wrong'.  

This article was fuelled by two things;

1). I was criticised yesterday by two people who trolled through my Facebook posts and reacted to the sexual content of my work, they judged my work and voice as being wrong/bad. 

2). I have a strong desire to expand my own consciousness beyond all duality- I too am bored of my own projections of right / wrong. 

Aquarius is governed by the planet Uranus, synonymous with radical behaviour, rebellion against the status quo and unconventionality.  The new energies emerging are directly challenging rigid social norms and the backlash by conservatives is already being felt. 

As the new energies of Aquarius bubble up from the cosmic springs, sexuality is going to be on the firing line as the conservative forces slowly cinder in the dying coals of the Piscean flames.   (Heads up to my Leo moon for that dramatic description).    

You see, sexuality in the Age of Aquarius will be unshackled from shame and guilt and reinstated as a tool for enlightenment and power.  The hippie movement in the 60’s (aptly named the Age of Aquarius) saw the free expression of sexuality and the liberation from rigid models of relating; group love was centralised.  It is predicted that astrologically in 2020 we will witness a similar movement of counter-culture accelerating the Aquarian imprint (watch this space).  

There is to come a radical redefinition of sexuality and gender; prescribed roles will blur and duality will dissolve into deeper authenticity. 

Non-duality is on the rise.   Can you feel it?

I am tired of the nature of duality, both within my own consciousness and the outer reflection/projection onto the world and the rigidity inherent in a binate paradigm.  

I am bored with gender- with the masculine and feminine, his and hers, I am yawning at the labels we place on sexuality.  Something in my soul is done with this way and I can feel both personally and transpersonally the constriction of an age that has worn out its boots.  

I want my itemised bill..  cheque please.  

This is also a call out to my community, to those who are working in the field of sexuality.  I want to stand in solidarity and pledge to support each other through the inevitable fires of jurassic thought forms clinging to power.  I am seeing this all around me as a close friend (and student) working in this field was also trolled on Facebook and a letter was sent to his school resulting in him not being able to complete his course.  

We don't need to fight, we just need to stay connected as a community and to keep reaching for each other as this ship inevitably sinks. 

I want to stand side by side with you all on the evolutionary shores as the outdated structures of the Piscean age take their last gasps of air.  

Thank you, and goodnight.  


By Winter Jade Icely

* I acknowledge the Piscean age has offered many blessings.

** I acknowledge the stance of this rant is in it's own right dualistic.. (still working on my own evolution)


















Winter Icely