I want to get rooted.

I want to discuss a topic that is close to my heart, or my ass for that matter - my passion for the base.  Firstly, let's put aside the physical pleasure and expansion that can come from opening the anus to penetration and talk about the emotional and spiritual significance of this part of the body and why it is essential for our wholeness.    

Mainstream psychology now acknowledges what spiritual traditions and major religions have cited as the parallel dimensions of human life; we have a physical body and subtle energy bodies.  The subtle energy centres are called chakras and at our base we have Muladhara, our root centre.   

Muladhara is broken down into two Sanskrit words; Mula meaning 'root' and Adhara meaning 'support' or 'base'.  Thus this centre governs our sense of rootedness in life - our feeling of being safe in our bodies, with others and in the world.  The base chakra provides a foundation from which our life is built upon. As the first energy centre it joins our bodies to the manifested plane and is primarily where our life force is generated from. It is the root of our very aliveness.  Muladhara is also the home of our primal, instinctual nature - our flight or fight response is initiated from this chakra. 

If this centre is not balanced, there can be an undercurrent of fear in our nervous system, and a subtle but constant threat of survival.  There is an epidemic of fear within modern culture as media stories barrage us daily with information that feed our anxieties and panic.  In order to hold a sense of security and assurance, we pay for car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, life insurance - anything to reduce the anxiety.  The underlying fear is that at any moment we may lose everything - our relationship may end, our health may fade, money may disappear.   

We fear the constant risk of going 'bottom up'. 

Collectively we are experiencing a global flight and fight response, an overarching sense of instability in ourselves, in community and on the planet.  I  believe one reason for this crisis of confidence in life is that we have not yet fully anchored into our base, the very centre that can provide a sense of holding and TRUST in ourselves and life. 

The only real security we have is our bodies and this earth - Muladhara is the bridge that connects both. 

Trusting that we are inherently held and supported by life is a key to manifesting what we actually desire and from this place life is effortless.  

Does your life currently feel effortless?

It is curious to note that physiologically the base, or asshole, is one of the most unintegrated parts of the body, hence all our hidden 'crap' seeks refuge there.  Its association with impurity, shame and sodomy (ironically derived from the word sin) suggests that collectively the wisdom of this part of the body and psyche is unintegrated.  

One of the biggest detriments to an unbalanced and unintegrated base centre is that the soul cannot fully anchor into the body as we don't feel safe enough to be here.  This results in feelings of disassociation, needing to escape, and not being at home in the world.  Living with an underlying frequency of 'trying to survive' is not a safe container for the soul that knows the freedom and safety of source. 

To fully manifest our power and purpose in the world, the soul needs to feel safe within incarnation - safe in our bodies and in the world.  Anchoring the soul into the base is key to experiencing the world (and our body) as a trusted place to land.

Now for the physical component - let's get down and dirty.

When we allow our anus to be penetrated, physically or energetically, we experience the dynamic relationship between power and vulnerability.  Activating our base awakens our primal energy, our kundalini, which has the power to manifest form, drawing directly from the earth.  To put this simply, it is what gives us fuel, aliveness and the power to 'root' our thoughts or inspirations into something real.  Opening this centre uncovers the tenderest, most vulnerable aspects of the self, here we experience the deepest surrender.  The masks that reinforce our egoic contortions dissolve in the face of conscious anal penetration as there is no-where to hide.

We are naked and beautifully human. 

The base centre also holds a channel that runs from the anus, to the third eye point, and into the crown. When physically penetrated with love, this channel lifts pranic energy up the spine awakening the cosmic and soul realms.  The alchemy of power and vulnerability held in the anus opens a direct path to god.  

For me personally, the most beautiful aspect of sharing anal love is the pathway to deepening connection. To be penetrated and to penetrate such a powerful and vulnerable part of another person opens profound and deep intimacy; how can our hearts not open in the face of such tenderness and grace?  To feel the earth moving through our bodies as we open together beyond surrender is the greatest gift of incarnation I have known.  


Winter Jade Icely and Bruce Lyon are holding Sanctify a retreat on the base centre in Melbourne Australia in August 2018. 

For more information go www.thesexwitch.com.au


Winter Icely