Teachings From Beyond The Veils

By Winter Jade Icely

Archetypes have been surfacing within our collective culture for thousands of years.  The origins of archetypal theorem trace back to Plato who deciphered them as mental forms imprinted in the soul.  Jung described archetypes as universal patterns and images found within our collective unconscious.  These images have emerged through mythologies, religions, legends and for me, through direct transmissions.

I first met the archetype Lilith, the dark goddess on the last day of a ten day vipassana meditation retreat.  During our final meditation as I closed my eyes, half my body disappeared. I physically felt that part of me no longer existed and I experienced a loss of equilibrium that forced me out of meditation abruptly to feel If I was still there... in form.  This dissolving experience repeated for the next hour whenever I closed my eyes.  Then I felt a dark woman emerge from my base and rise up my spine, I could feel her through my entire body like liquid, she poured through my cells and skin.  Eventually I felt her surface like an enormous figure through the crown of my head, it felt like I was carrying another person inside of me, bigger than me, an internal figure that radiated out of my body.  I heard a voice "it is done".  I was not sure what was happening to me, or who this figure was, but I inherently knew that my life was about to change.  It was done.

Many things happened following this moment that my logical self grappled to frame into my life.  I began to receive impressions that came from this figure who told me she was Lilith and I experienced her teachings in a felt sense, as they seeped into my body.  She conjured in me wild fire, an energy so forceful that it would destroy to ash anything in its way.  Many times my physical body felt like it was singed from the inside, I spent the next few years in and out of illness as I grappled to integrate this energy within my system.  She also awakened and activated my sexual power.  I would hear her hissing in my ear  when I was in arousal states;  during one self pleasure session I felt her enter me snaking up my spine, her claws digging into my neck.  She taught me about my temptress power and the hypnotic force of my eros; as the world through her medicine became deeply erotic.  Lilith taught me about my heart and the ferocity of love, the force of loving.  The love that also invokes death- that which you would die for.  

Looking back now I can see that Lilith initiated me into the mysteries of the lower chakras, she awakened in me my primal power, my erotic wisdom and the wild fire of my Will.  She transmitted to me the love that resides within these centres, how love shows up through the depths of the body, and how to transmit this.  She taught me the power of fire.   She walked with me for many years, her presence was dense, visceral and at times even stoic.  I marked this journey with a five hour ritual tattoo of her emerging from a dark veil both beautiful and fearful, the juxtaposition of her archetype.  The tattoo scarred hideously over parts of her face and I felt this was her final message to me; she would not be glamorised. 

My corrugated skin was her imprint on my life.  Raw.  Untethered.  Carnal.

Over time I felt her energy slightly recede, she became softer and more like a background hum as opposed to a force of nature.  

Not long after this I met Mary Magdalene.  

Magdalene appeared as a veiled, towering figure standing behind me, and like Lilith her energy expanded around me.  Unlike Lilith however she did not penetrate me.  Many months passed and I felt her constantly but did not know who she was: she did not speak to me. 

I eventually began to receive her transmissions through the veils.  Softly.  Faintly.    

She began to whisper to me.   

Mary's teachings came most significantly on a journey in Ireland where she appeared to me through the land.  While walking around Corrie Lake in Bay Lough, a body of water harbouring local legends of a water witch dragging swimmers into the bottomless depths, I came across a statue of her and immediately fell to my knees sobbing.  My heart ached as I directly felt her grief and sadness at the fragmentation of her archetype by the world.  I was shown the grave denial of her existence as a leader and powerful teacher.  The tears that followed this transmission became my teacher, I cried rivers of tears for months that both purified me and activated my feeling body. 

Mary taught me the sacred power of water.  

She would transmit to me mostly when I was in the bath, coming into my field softly, feelings would pour through me like a waterfall. 

Grief, joy, pain, ecstasy, love, loss.  

My heart would expand as I would feel her bathe me in soft light.  She showed me the purity of the beloved, the inner union of love and she showed me her love for Yeshua, her outer beloved.  Those many months bathing with Mary, I was shown the sanctity and courage of the heart, the inherent power of empathy as a path of leadership.  I felt everything.    

Her transmissions continued to find me through other bodies of water- rivers, seas and streams, I would feel her in the undulations and currents, she would wrap herself around me as liquid light.  Even as I write this, I can feel her through the veils ever so softly, like the wind.  Mary is teaching me about strength as softness, and heart authority, she is initiating me into the upper chakras- the subtle realms.  She is kneading away a lifetime of armouring; gently bringing me to my knees as vulnerability, broken - openness.  Magdalene brought into my life an outer beloved for these teachings to continue to expand, to taste the purity of love that cannot be transacted, categorised, contained.  It just simply is. 

She speaks to me through our love. 

She speaks to me through love.

In sharing these experiences, I am filled with deep gratitude for the continued teachings of both Lilith and Mary, archetypes of the sacred feminine in both dark and light expressions.  I know part of my journey is to be a bridge for these energies to find new form in the world, for the stories of these archetypes to be remembered and rewritten so their teachings can be experienced collectively by everyone. 

I am here to unblock the murky pipes of patriarchal mythology until we are all clear channels of sacred feminine love.  

I bow deeply to her. 

In me.

In you.  












Winter Icely