Slowly Spiralling In



We have just moved past the autumn equinox, a time when day and night are of equal length. Equinox’s are the moments in which the plane of the earth’s equator passes through the centre of the sun. Post equinox sees us in the slow descent into darkness as the light of the sun softens and the evenings whisper impending cool. The emergence of winter beckons, like the return of a faraway memory, an old companion. I tend to prattle on about the energies of winter (well it is my name) and the descent through autumn but this is because I feel we live mostly in solar consciousness, expected to always be ‘on’, plugged in and tuned to the outer experience; seen, heard, and witnessed in the light of our external existence. We operate through the spotlight of the ego (or sun) and what an eloquent platform to demonstrate this, as I post this on Facebook.

The duality that underpins all existence; the juxtaposition of yin/yang, masculine/feminine, dark/light calls us to also honour the inner journey, the inversion of the external. Just as yogic traditions recognise the importance of savasana, stillness after motion, we are gifted through the teachings of the natural world to also slow down. In autumn trees begin to shed their summer growth, the life force slowly descending to their roots in deep introspection. The boldness of summer, the vibrancy of colour and the humming of bird/insect life quietens, is hushed. The gifts of autumn and it’s dark ally winter is in the stillness of dim light, the medicine of silence and the joy of pulling back.

We hold the entire universe within our beings, everything that exists lives within us and this is a time of full permission to commence the return journey home to our inner world. Modern living promotes the continuous ‘doing’ and our nervous systems need reprogramming this time of the year after the peak of solar energy to rest back into the non-doing, the simply be-ing. Like the cycles of the moon, autumn represents the waning towards the dark moon of the winter solstice. Personally this time of the year excites me and I welcome the slowing down and drawing in. Although I am still in the flow of late summer, the beckoning of stillness is at hand and I welcome the dimming of the sun’s fluorescent globe, the dappled light and shedding.

I relish in the slow exhale of autumn.

Autumn Medicine

Light bathing: Bathe your body in the light and colour of sunrises and sunsets. Research has shown that experiencing the rising and setting of the light regulates inner rhythms and supports cycles of motion/rest. It is also believed that exposing your body to the changing light of sunrise/sunset activates our chakra system. Bathing in the light of sunrise/sunset helps us to adjust to the changes that seasons carry.

Rest: Autumn is a great time to incorporate more rest into your life. When you get home from a day of motion, before heading into evening action, stop and feel. Sit down. Breathe. Take a moment to rest.

Listen to the natural world: Notice the changes that are taking place all around you. The natural world is constantly speaking to us, guiding us into greater harmony. Observe the trees, plants, birds and animals around you. What do you notice? How is autumn revealing herself in the wilderness of your garden, backyard, local park?

Mugwort: Is an incredible herb that can be taken as a tea, tincture or even placed under your pillow to promote rest and dreaming. It is a great herb in activating dreamscapes and psychic realms while sleeping.

Simple Autumn Ritual

Collect autumn leaves and infuse each one with an intention of letting go. Create an altar with them in your garden or in a pot (you can add crystals, stones, flowers etc) and each day observe the changes of decay. Watch as your intentions break down and return to the earth over time.

Winter Jade Icely