Harvests of the Sun



Today is Lammas or Lughnasadh, the first of the three cycles of the pagan calendar that offer us a moment to pause and reflect on the seeds of manifestation in our lives and to celebrate what already is. The meaning of Lammas comes from the Saxon name for the ‘feast of bread’. Lughnasadh comes from the Celtic festival of midsummer when Lugh the Corn King was celebrated for the grain harvest at this time of year. In ancient cultures Lammas celebrated the light of the sun warming the grains, ready for harvesting in turn nourishing the community. We are somewhat separated in Western culture from the cycles of the earth’s bounty yet we can still feel and move with the energy that Lammas initiates as it is deeply echoed in the blueprint of our world.

Lammas provides a doorway of reflection upon that which is ripe, ready to harvest after gestating within the womb of our hearts. We are encouraged to celebrate the stems and sprigs of life that point towards the manifestations of our yearning, signposts for what is to come. Life is forever revealing her mystery to us, meeting us within the cauldron of our deepest desires. Eye to Eye. Ear to Ear- what we seek is already alive, within her outstretched, earth crusted hands. When we take time to pause, open our eyes, ears and hearts, step away from our phones and computers we are reminded of this. We are able to feel the web of life flowing through and around us, holding us, loving us, providing for us. Lammas is a time to truly celebrate the nurturing of this holding, of the gifts we are offered from the darkness of the mystery to the light of manifestation.

Sitting in my garden today I am surrounded by the harvest of the sun. The growth of the plants and trees as they inch further sky bound, the bees, butterflies, moths and birds that fill each landscape frame. I breathe in the scent of summer, the scent of life thriving. Today, and this week take some time out in the sun to feel what is thriving in your life. What is growing? What seeds are ready to harvest? Breathe in your gratitude. Breathe in gratitude for the eternal holding of the earth.

(Ironically) love Winter x

Winter Jade Icely