I am currently in a state of deep yearning.

It has been with me for weeks now.

You may know this state well if you inhabit the feminine frequently.

It is an insatiable desire to ravish and be ravished.

For me, it is a desire to merge with all that I love in life.

By Life.

To deeply rest under the skin of my beloveds.

To crawl inside their heart space and wrap myself in their soul.

My womb is open for occupation

She wants to swallow the world in her darkness.

Digesting everyone and everything.

Greedily harbouring it all.

When I find myself in this place I can often fill this feeling with something else

Like rich red wine

delicate chocolate




anything to temper the beast.

but these things barely skim the surface in the oceans of my desire.

This cavern is vast.

It wants to be inhabited.

Sometimes in my deep yearning I cannot breathe.

The drumming of my heart is deafening.

A demanding throb.

I search around wildly when in these states of deep yearning.

Piercing the eyes of those who pass me.


For someone to plug this tidal wave of beckoning.

To save me from my self.


Winter Jade Icely