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Behind The Veils- Archetypal Worlds

Behind the veils is an evening series of gatherings delving in the magical arts and forgotten ways of knowing. We will suspend time and space reality and step behind the veils to the boundless worlds of the astral where symbology, mythology and alchemy come to life. This series is designed to strengthen your capacity to attune to the subtle realms and to activate your psychic awareness, expanding your capacity to dance between realities. These workshops are a remembering of the pathways that already exist within. The workshop are experiential- you will re-embody this remembering. 

Archetypes have been surfacing within our collective culture for thousands of years.  The origins of archetypal theorem trace back to Plato who deciphered them as mental forms imprinted in the soul.  Jung described archetypes as universal patterns and images found within our collective unconscious.  These images have emerged through mythologies, religions, legends and for me, through direct transmissions.

Working with archetypal energies allows a person an experience of transcendence, to step into the realm of the god/goddess. The ancient Greeks were the last civilisation that appreciated the power of archetypes.

Hal and Ira Stone, psychologists and authors of Embracing Our Selves, explain:

In ancient Greece there was an understanding that one was required to worship all the Gods and Goddesses. You might have your favorites, but none of the remaining deities could be ignored. The God or Goddess whom you ignored became the one who turned against you and destroyed you. So it was with the Trojan war. So it is with consciousness work. The energy pattern that we disown turns against us.

We develop psychologically when we allow the content of the archetypes to enter our conscious awareness, and when we foster a relationship between our two levels of existence: the everyday (personal) and the archetypal (collective). When we find that we relate to certain myths, folktales, and stories, we can draw strength, insight, and comfort from them, as they provide a sort of “human map” for us to navigate and better understand our lives. When we sense that something we are undergoing has a mythic aspect, this knowledge can also activate a deep well of creativity. (Chiara Viscomi- Healthy Psyche)

Working with archetypes allows us to draw towards our personal self qualities and powers of the transpersonal realms- we can tap into every aspect of consciousness and transcend the small, unintegrated parts of the ‘self’. We are able to draw the powerful qualities of the gods/goddess to serve our soul journey.

This evening ritual is a journey into the archetypal worlds where we will meet and embody a range of archetypes. You will learn tools and techniques to open the channels to these realms and how to integrate them fully into your personal world.

Time- 6.30-9.30pm

cost- $60

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