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Behind The Veils- Ancestral Dreaming

Behind the veils is a three week evening series delving in the magical arts and forgotten ways of knowing. We will suspend time and space reality and step behind the veils to the boundless worlds of the astral where symbology, mythology and alchemy come to life. This series is designed to strengthen your capacity to attune to the subtle realms and to activate your psychic awareness, expanding your capacity to dance between realities. These workshops are a remembering of the pathways that already exist within. The workshop are experiential- you will re-embody this remembering. 

Ancestral Dreaming is an evening of opening the portals to the spirit realms of our ancient history and the souls that walked before us. Our ancestors sung us into existence, into our bloodline and therein lies a powerful connection to love and support beneath the veils. It is suggested that our ancestors an pass can ‘spiritual currents’ to us to aid healing and transformation.

The Aboriginals believed that the entire world was made by their Ancestors way back in the very beginning of time, the Dreamtime. The Ancestors made everything – The Aboriginal people, the rocks, mountains, rivers, creeks, waterholes, plants and animals.

This evening ritual will support the opening of your ability to see, hear feel and know information connected to your ancestors and support the communication between those passed. This evening is held in deep reverence for the previous journey made by souls and the wisdom attained after the shedding of the body is complete.

Together we will celebrate our lineage and pray for guidance and insight into our own journey on this earth plane.

6.30pm to 9.30pm

Cost $60


Winter is a witch, mystic and wild embodier having discovered her magic as a child she immersed herself in ritual and enchantment. Winter holds a powerful connection to the unseen realms.

Winter has facilitated sacred spaces for the past six years with expertise in the realm of the mystical arts, sexuality and embodiment.

Winter has journeyed with and brought to life the feminine mysteries and goddess wisdom over the past six years. Her work has moved towards penetrating ideas of gender and sexuality and the spaces she creates go beyond constructs of duality, of him and her, heterosexual and homosexual to the deeper realms of soul, the singularity that connects us all.

Winter is a qualified social worker and holistic counsellor and has worked with adults and children who have experienced trauma, abuse and crisis. She currently offers empowerment coaching sessions to clients working with issues related to sexuality, intimacy and anchoring the soul into consciousness.

Winter is passionate about liberating herself and others to remember the limitless nature of the soul.

She has a deep calling to bring forth the temples of the new earth, to create spaces that penetrate worlds, that merge spirit and matter.